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Exposing ambitious minds to the world of Olam

Our Future Leaders Programme is a 12 month development programme designed to expose ambitious minds to the world of Olam and prepare them as our next generation of leaders.

The first six months involve four or five rotations through the full value chain. Participants work in many different parts of the business in various countries, building their networks and understanding the complexity and variety of our work.

Beyond this they have the chance to drive two high-impact commercial projects, and after a year, participants are placed in a front-line management role. It’s a fantastic way to get some early experience of the challenge and empowerment of one of our leadership positions.

Daniel Suits joined our Future Leaders Programme, here what he has to say:

"This programme will test your initiative, stimulate your ambition and creativity, and demand your energy and intellect. It will give you the global exposure, networks, and perspective you need for a high-impact career"

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to apply for the Future Leadership Programme.

Would you like to apply for the Future Leadership Programme? Then monitor this site regularly until it is possible to apply again.