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Sourcing and producing edible oils to meet our customers’ needs Our edible oils portfolio includes palm, soybean and sunflower oils.

Our sourcing, refining, blending, bottling, distribution and supply chain capabilities serve the retail, food manufacturing, food service and personal care sectors. Combined with our advanced risk management expertise and tools we are able to help manage supply and risk for customers across Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Asia. Additionally, our speciality fats technical expertise produces tailored applications for customers in confectionery and food manufacturing.

We are committed to sustainable palm oil production and sourcing. Our Sustainable Palm Oil Policy and our Living Landscapes Policy set out our commitment to protecting forests and areas of high conservation value both in our own plantations and through our third-party supply chain. We are fully supportive of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and we are working towards a traceable and transparent palm oil supply chain.